Adding More Pictures of Our Food to the Outside of the Drive-In!
These are actual photos of our own food. No fakes here!

I should give credit to Krumee Designes in Pleasanton, KS for the creation
of the signs. We took the pictures, they did the rest!

Cookees Drive-In Cookee Monster Burger
Our huge Cookee Monster on
Texas Toast!
Cookees Drive-In Fresh Deli Sandwhiches
Our deliciously fresh deli
sandwhiches. Many varieties!

Cookees Drive-In Fresh Grilled Chicken Salads
Grilled chiken, bacon, lettuce, lots
of tomatoes with dressing!
Cookees Drive-In Breaded Hot Wings
Breaded hot wings. Hot you ask?
Give them a try and see!

Cookees Drive-In Fresh Wraps

 Fanastic taste and plenty fresh! We
 don't skimp on our ingredients like the
 big chain restaurants!

These signs were the first ones we made, back in 2008. We wanted to give the drive-in, more of
a classic look, and the old diners usually had pictures of food on the side. Above these are the
most recent signs that should be done the first week of June 2010.