Next, we noticed that the floor was a little soft over near the bathroom/storage area. We had a carpenter come in and found that the entire floor in that area was rotted and ready to collapse! SIGH! As you probably guessed, we had to have it all torn our and replaced. We had to close our restaurant for 4 days due to not being able to be open without a working bathroom. Health codes! While we had the floor torn up, it was found that years and years of neglect had taken their toll on the plumbing. All plumbing had to be replaced or eventually fail. Therefore, we replaced everything including water, sewer, and even gas! Below is the whole project from floor tear-out to plumbing replacement and finally new floors.
Cookees Drive-In New Bathroom-Plumbing 2008
The start of the bathroom tear-out.
Cookees Drive-In Tearing Out Bathroom 2008
Tearing out bathroom and the
storage room floor.
Cookees Drive-In Old Sink And Toilet 2008 Cookees Drive-In Removed Bathroom Equipment 2008
Bathroom and storage room items.
Cookees Drive-In New Bathroom Plumbing Trench 2008
New main sewer line install.
Cookees Drive-In New Main Sewer Line Install 2008
Nice and dry now under the
restaurant. New plumbing!
Cookees Drive-In New Bathroom Floor Install 2008 Cookees Drive-In New Bathroom-Plumbing Install 2008
Cookees Drive-In You Can See New Plumbing 2008
New plumbing in the bathroom.
Cookees Drive-In More New Plumbing 2008
Hallway leading to storage room.
Cookees Drive-In New Gas Water Sewer Lines 2008
Storage room. New sink plumbing.
Cookees Drive-In New Bathroom-Plumbing Lines 2008
Cookees Drive-In New Sink Plumbing 2008 Cookees Drive-In New Bathroom Plumbing 2008
Hard to see, but new gas lines.
Cookees Drive-In New Storage Room Flooring 2008 Cookees Drive-In New Plywood On Floor 2008
Cookees Drive-In More New Plywood Hallway 2008
New floors going in.
Cookees Drive-In New Closet Flooring And Sink Hookups 2008
Cookees Drive-In New Bathroom-Plumbing Ready For Tile 2008