Finally! The Painting of Cookee's Drive-In!!
Painting contractor was Brandon Stogsdale. I have received MANY great comments on the paint job and he followed my design to the letter! You can reach Brandon for your painting needs at 620-215-5781.


Starting Cookees Drive-In New Paint Job 2008
This is the very start. Brandon is going
to start on the awning.


Painting The Awning At Cookees Drive-In 2008
Quick picture to show the difference
in the white, old to new.


Spray Painting Cookees Drive-In 2008
Another picture showing the new coat
going on and looking fresh.
Painting Cookees Drive-In Front Door 2008
Work in progress as nice new white
paint goes on.
Covering Our Sign During The Paint Job At Cookees 2008
Later, you can see how white and
clean the paint looks under the sign.
Fresh Paint On Cookees Drive-In Awning 2008
Different angle showing the new paint
on the awning.
Old Awning Paint At Cookees Drive-In 2008
Here is a great shot showing the paint
condition before being painted.
Doug Putting On New Colors At Cookees Drive-In 2008
I decide to throw in my help and talk
to the customers at the same time!
Doug Painting Bright New Colors At Cookees 2008
Wax on....wax off. Perfect technique!
Painting The Front Door At Cookees Drive-In 2008
Taping the windows. Removing our
food signs.
Painting The Roof At Cookees Drive-In 2008
Primer for the new roof boards. This
picture gives good example of the way
the paint looked before painting.
Creating New Building Graphics At Cookees Drive-In 2008
The start of the design for the "curve"
Using Tape To Outline New Graphics At Cookees Drive-In 2008
Another angle. I didn't want the design
to be that high. I had them change it.
New Graphics Taking Shape At Cookees Drive-In 2008
Now they are getting it the way I
envisioned it.
Tape Masking Off New Graphics At Cookees Drive-In 2008
Initial stages of the taping-off once I
said they had it right.
New Graphics Being Painted At Cookees Drive-In 2008
NOW things are really starting to take
Wrong Color Of Orange At Cookees Drive-In 2008
PROBLEM!! The orange was mixed
wrong and it came out peach!
Brandon was quick to offer to go and
get it re-mixed.
Jazz Blue Paint Used On Cookees Drive-In 2008
New blue paint outlining the front
Fiesta Orange Used At Cookees Drive-In 2008
Some initial shots of the other side of
the building. Windows get in the way
of the design, but you get the idea.
Trim And Poles Painted Orange At Cookees Drive-In 2008
Coming along nicely! Orange trim is
almost done. We will paint the top of
the bathroom blue also. Around the
front door will also be orange.
Cookees Drive-In New Paint Design 2008
Corner view. Painter still up there in
the upper left, painting. We might have
to adjust the design so it looks correct
from the road angle, not the straight
on angle.
Cookees Drive-In New Paint Design 2008 Angle 1
Cookees Drive-In New Paint Design 2008 Angle 2
FINALLY! It is finished! Customers
have been going crazy with the new
paint design. They love it!
Cookees Drive-In New Paint Design 2008 Angle 3
Local paper is going to do a piece on
our major transformation of our little
Cookees Drive-In New Paint Design 2008 Angle 4
Our design can be seen on both sides.
Cookees Drive-In New Paint Design 2008 Angle 5
Shot of the accented front door.