Next we decided that flames shooting out of our electrical breaker boxes was not good. Therefore, we started on the project of getting all our panels replaced. We have two inside, and our main panel outside. In fact, when the electrician attempted to turn off the power at the main, the handle came off in his hand! Thankfully, it broke in the "ON" position or we would have had no power!
Cookees Drive-In Old Outside Light 2008
Pic of our non-functional spotlights.
Cookees Drive-In 2008 Old Fuse Box Corroded
Our old main breaker box outside.
Cookees Drive-In Corroded Fuse Holder On Main Switch
Close-up of the deteriorated metal in
our main breaker box. Surprised we
even had power!
Cookees Drive-In 2008 New Fuse Box #1
New internal breaker box. 1 of 2
Cookees Drive-In New Fuse Box #2 2008
Second internal new breaker box.
Cookees Drive-In 2008 New Outside Main Breaker Box
New external main breaker box.