Our first Christmas at Cookee's Drive-In!
These are a few pictures to start you off with. We have another animated piece as well as at least 2000ft of lights to install! These were taken with a cellphone, so the quality is not that great. I will get more pictures once we have a chance to get to the drive-in.
Cookees Christmas Decorations 2008-1
Animated carousel. It actually goes
around via a motorized top.
Cookees Christmas Decorations 2008-2
No lights in this piece. We had to put
in a flood light. May put in a 2nd one.
Cookees Christmas Decorations 2008-3
Animated Rudolph. His arms go up
and down as he adjusts his chute.
Cookees Christmas Decorations 2008-4
This piece has plenty of lights!
Cookees Christmas Decorations 2008-5
View from the parking lot one way.
Cookees Animated Christmas Decorations 2008-6
View from the parking lot, other way.
Animated Christmas Decorations at Cookees Drive-In 2008
Christmas Lights with awning
lights on.
Rudolph and other Christmas Decorations At Cookees 2008
Opposite site with the awning
lights on.
Night View of Cookees Christmas Decorations 2008
Cookee's Christmas lights with the
awning lights off at night.